Semiconductor & Display

Semiconductor & Display

Microbas provides a wide range of components for the semiconductor and display manufacturing industry such as:

  • Stages and stage mirror substrates
  • Cylindrical optics
  • Machine bases

Stages and stage mirror substrates

Microbas has a long experience of manufacturing stages and chucks for the display and semiconductor industry. Mainly providing stages in glass ceramic and granite but also working with other materials.

Microbas is capable of providing down to 2-3 µm flatness (Peak-to-Valley) on stages up to a size of 1,8×2,3m with complex machining and drilling features. Microbas also grind and lightweight mirror substrates for stage mirrors and other complex glass and glass ceramic parts for the semiconductor and display industry.

Cylindrical optics

Microbas provides high precision grinding of fused silica for cylindrical optics. Microbas is capable of providing a number of shapes up to 1.5 meters long with excellent precision on both plano and cylindrical sides. Our strict and robust manufacturing strategy allows our customers to apply a deterministic approach to the polishing process saving cost and precious time.

machine bases

Ultra-stable machine bases for world-leading customers

Microbas custom machine base manufacturing for lithography, 3D-printing and precision assembly machines carries the DNA of our heritage from providing foundations for contact measuring machines. Microbas provides high precision products with machined features and assemblies in granite, glass ceramics and other applicable materials. 

SemiConductors & Displays

Optics and space

Machine building


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