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For more than 60 years Microbas has developed a unique concept of providing outstanding levels of precision in a variety of materials. Our precision and our consistency is in many cases the enabling factor for new disruptive technologies, processes and discoveries.

Our story

Microbas was founded in 1958 as a precision lapping company at the heart of the Swedish Black Granite (Diabas) quarrying area. We have since then developed from providing the metrology and manufacturing industry in Northern Europe with precision granite to a world leader in precision grinding, lapping and machining of a wide range of complex materials.

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Cutting-edge experts

For more than 60 years Microbas has been the center of precision lapping in Northern Europe.

Extreme tolerances

We consistently create outstanding levels of precision both in small- and large-scale components and in a range of complex materials such as glass ceramics, optical glass, ceramics, metals and granite.

Technology revolutions

At Microbas we work with innovative companies of all sizes that push the boundaries of what is possible.